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Share is a portal for MCA Notes. MCA Notes portal will provide all MCA students with quality of MCA Notes, where in students of MCA can get the MCA Notes easily.

Most of MCA students are seen after the notes where in I found that we (Team Ahmedabad Webs) can help them out by creating MCA Notes Portal. This portal is definetly going to help all MCA students who were striving for MCA Notes. We had a huge collection of MCA notes which is been categorised and so its taking a while to short all the MCA Notes. We will be soon back with all the Categorised MCA Notes.

How to Download MCA Notes ?

Well we are working out to short all the MCA Notes and MCA Program Materials so you can Download MCA Notes once we are ready. But for that you need to fill up simple membership form which is free of cost. Once you are sign up you can download MCA Notes for free.. Generally we would Categorise MCA Notes as under.

How can you Upload MCA Notes ?

Well once you have logged in into your account you will be provided with option to upload MCA Notes. Which will be uploaded by YOUR Name till website gets completely develop you can mail us your MCA Notes with your Full Name and Email ID on

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